Decision Time!

The decision on 400 houses in East Hanney will be made by the Vale of Whlte Horse planning committee on Wednesday 25th, November.

Please attend the meeting scheduled for 6:30pm at The Beacon, Wantage.

See the leaflet for more details.

The more people who attend this meeting and show their interest and concern, the more likely it may be possible to exert some influence over the final decision.

Let's make our presence felt!

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Local Links

Useful links to other web sites in and around The Hanneys.


Public transport

Stagecoach, Thames Travel and RH Buses operate a regular services to and from East Hanney, destinations include; Abingdon, Chilton, Marcham, Wantage, Grove, Cumnor, Oxford, Didcot and Milton Park.



Parish councils for Easn & West Hanney and links to regional government


Local area

A local map detailing the streets and house names in the two villages.

Local map

Telling Tales

Telling Tales is a book by Angela Cousins about the recollections of the villagers of East and West Hanney.