Passing of Mark Sacco

Sadly we report the recent passing of Mark Sacco. Mark has been responsible for designing, building, hosting and administering this website since its inception in July 2004.

The site has always been not-for-profit and Mark has always covered all the related costs. For many years this site has provided useful, practical and interesting information about The Hanneys to residents and non-residents alike and we thank Mark wholeheartedly for all his hard work.

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Local Links

Useful links to other web sites in and around The Hanneys.


Public transport

Stagecoach, Thames Travel and RH Buses operate a regular services to and from East Hanney, destinations include; Abingdon, Chilton, Marcham, Wantage, Grove, Cumnor, Oxford, Didcot and Milton Park.



Parish councils for Easn & West Hanney and links to regional government


Local area

A local map detailing the streets and house names in the two villages.

Local map

Telling Tales

Telling Tales is a book by Angela Cousins about the recollections of the villagers of East and West Hanney.