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Walk 1

Hanney walk 1 starts at West Hanney village green and takes you along the brook into East Hanney. The walk passes Lower Mill and Dandridge's Mill with the convenient passing of both The Black Horse in East Hanney and The Plough in West Hanney.

1. Park at West Hanney village Green near to the Butter Cross. Walk north up Winter Lane, just past the last house on the right hand side, Gigha Cottage, you will see a path into some fields. Pass through the gate and follow the left hand fence along the perimeter of the field. When the fence ends at a corner, continue on across to the gate opposite.

2. Follow the path to the left between trees and stay on this path until you reach the beautiful Lower Mill on the right hand side.

3. Take the footpath to your left, alongside the brook and pass through the gate at the end into an open field.

4. Carry on straight ahead with the brook to your left onto the next gate, then bear right onto the next gate and along the path that leads into Ebbs Lane.

5. Follow Ebbs Lane to the end, on the left you will see the old village bakery. Carry straight on and follow the road on to East Hanney Village Green.

6. Ahead you will see a footpath that leads onto Main Street, turn right and follow Main Street until you reach The Black Horse on the left, you might want to stop here and take on refreshment!

7. Turn left out of The Black Horse then follow the road to the junction then turn right into Mill Orchard. Follow the road to Dandridge's Mill) now some quite stunning apartments. Note the Archimedean Hydro Screw which provides power for the building.

8. Before you follow the road round to the right take a footpath down the side of Mill House. Cross the farmyard ahead on then the follow the footpath back towards West Hanney. Keep the hedge to your right. On reaching a track, turn left then follow it to the community woodland on the right.

9. Turn right into the Community Woodland and follow the path through it straight ahead, at the end bear right onto a path leading to St James the Great church yard on the left.

10. Pass through the church yard to the right of the church onto Church Street. Turn left into Church Street. On your right you will see The Plough. Visit West Hanney's village pub for some more refreshment!

11. On leaving The Plough turn right and follow Church Street round to the junction with Main Street. Turn Right and follow Main Street back to West Hanney Village green, returning to your car.

Note: Bus services are available to West Hanney but only a couple of time a week. A good service,  (X30 and X31 Stagecoach) runs to East Hanney throughout the day from Oxford and Wantage. The X31 conveniently stops outside The Black Horse.

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Public transport

Stagecoach, Thames Travel and RH Buses operate a regular services to and from East Hanney, destinations include; Abingdon, Chilton, Marcham, Wantage, Grove, Cumnor, Oxford, Didcot and Milton Park.



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Local area

A local map detailing the streets and house names in the two villages.

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Telling Tales

Telling Tales is a book by Angela Cousins about the recollections of the villagers of East and West Hanney.